Hamilton Police Association

Our Goals

The Association has a long and storied history that dates back to 1921. After more than 90 years of existence, our primary goals remain the same.

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Our goals are focused on the well-being of our members:
  • To ensure that our members are treated with respect at all times.

  • To ensure they are treated fairly.

  • To do everything to make their working conditions as healthy and safe as possible, given the dangers of our profession.

Our larger and long-term goals as an organization are focused on achieving a number of key objectives:
  • To unite fraternally and promote the mutual interests of our members.

  • To uphold the honour of the police profession.

  • To elevate the standards of our own police service and policing in general.

As part of our mandate, we lobby governments at all levels to ensure that the concerns of our frontline members are clearly heard, and that their interests are protected. The HPA also takes an active role in informing the public about community safety.