Hamilton Police Association

Our Staff

The Hamilton Police Association employs a full-time Staff to assist with day-to-day operations. We are governed by a Board of Directors consisting of serving uniform and civilian members of the Hamilton Police Service.

Meet our Board of Directors

For General Inquiries, please contact us at: hpa@hpa.on.ca.

Jaimi Bannon


(905) 574-6044   Ext 102

Belchior Arruda


(905) 574-6044   Ext 103

K.C. Wysynski

General Counsel

(905) 574-6044   Ext 101

Veronica Salazar

Legal Assistant

(905) 574-6044   Ext 107

Wendy Jones

Admin Assistant

(905) 574-6044   Ext 104

Tracy Taylor

Admin Assistant

(905) 574-6044   Ext 105

Nicole Edwards

Club General Manager

(905) 574-6044   Ext 106